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Finding a Deviated Septum Doctor on Long Island

If you’re experiencing nasal congestion, a septal deviation may be a contributing factor however, more often than not, it is not the only factor contributing to your nasal obstruction

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Can You Get Sinus Pressure without Congestion?

There are many causes of headache and sinus pressure. Many patients believe if they do not have other “typical” sinus symptoms like nasal congestion, drainage, or postnasal drip, that it can’t be sinus related.

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What Can Cause Nasal Congestion?

Although seemingly simple, nasal congestion is a complex condition with many potential causes. Proper identification of why you’re congested is essential so we can tailor the proper solution. We have the knowledge, diagnostic tools, and treatments to get you breathing again. One thing is for certain – congestion does not have to be in your future. At Capo Nose and Sinus Center, an operating room does not have to be in your future either – that is our mission! As Long Island’s top sinus doctor, Joseph A. Capo, MD is here to educate and help you.

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